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3 Of A kind? - Adam Sandler

A couple of weeks ago I asked for comedy suggestions and I was told to check out Adam Sandler. Obviously I did I was told and throughout the week I've been fitting in his films when I can. As they are so many I thought I would save one in particular for a full review (to come soon) and bang some of the others in today's 3 of a kind..

I'm still looking for comedy films to watch by the way so if you can beat Adam Sandler GET IN TOUCH

Little Nicky (2000)
written by Adam Sandler. directed by Steve Brill

Little Nicky (2000) Poster

Who Does Sandler Play?: As the title suggests he plays Little Nicky who happens to be the devil's youngest son.

Who Else Does It Star?: Among others Harvey Keitel (Reservoir Dogs) plays the devil himself while Rhys Ifans (Mr. Nice) and Tommy 'Tiny' Lister play his other two sons.

What Is It About?: The two older sons escape from Hell and decided to create some mischief down on Earth. With no other choice, the devil sends mild mannered Nicky to bring them back.

Good Bits?: Oh my, is so sweet! Sandler's character is quirky and adorable and although the film doesn't break any boundaries you will be rooting for Little Nicky in more ways that one.

Bad Bits?: There's some juvenile jokery in there that verge on a little vulgar but that could just be me and my humour.

Overall, Is It Funny?: Aside from what I have mentioned, yes it was. There was some giggly moments but it wasn't packed with them. What really shone through was a good little story and because of that I loved this film.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan (2008)
written by Adam Sandler. directed by Dennis Dugan

You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008) Poster

Who Does Sandler Play?: Zohan, an Israeli special forces soldier.
Who Else Does It Star?:  John Turturro (Transformers), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Wrong Turn) and Nick Swardson (Just Go With It).

What Is It About?: Zohan who is an Israeli special forces soldier fakes his own death to escape to New York and pursue his dream of becoming a hairdresser.

Good Bits?: Look out for the taxi driver and a disagreement over the loss of a goat. It really is hilarious.

Bad Bits?: Again, there's some verging on vulgar moments but I am beginning to realise that perhaps I just don't have THAT sense of humour.

Overall, Is It Funny?: Oh my gosh YES! I laughed nearly all the way through this one :)

Hotel Transylvania (2012)
various writers. directed by Genndy Tartakovsky

Hotel Transylvania (2012) Poster

Who Does Sandler Play?: He voices (because this is an animation) Dracula!

Who Else Does It Star?: The voice of Dracula's daughter Mavis is provided by Selena Gomez (A Cinderella Story) and the human of the film is voiced by Andy Samberg (Hot Rod).

What Is It About?: Dracula is the manager of a hotel that is a haven away from the human world, that is until a human finds the place!

Good Bits?: Seriously, EVERYTHING! From beginning to end this film is so endearing that I forgot I was essentially watching a cartoon. The characters are rounded and the story is great!

Bad Bits?: Does it's not long enough count?

Overall, Is It Funny?: It is but it is also more than that and that's why I included it here. Also, a second film is in the making so hurrah for that!!  
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DVD Review - Detour (2013)


This review started off a little differently than normal so I thought I had better explain before I jumped into it. Writer/Director/Micro-budget extraordinaire William Dickerson and I started following each other on twitter and I became interested in his work. He offered to send me over his films for me to have a look at and Detour is the first of two that I have watched and reviewed. Even though I was sent the film directly, it is available on amazon and as with everything I write, my opinions are my own and true to myself.

Okay so with that out of the way, what is Detour all about?

Put simply, the film is an account of one man's survival when he becomes trapped inside his car due to a mudslide. Billed as a claustrophobic thriller it is reminiscent of films like Buried and Wrecked but it is no way a carbon copy, not even slightly. What unfolds is a definite story of parts of the human Psyche that intertwine to create the complexity of wanting to survive.

The man in question is L.A quick talker and business man Jackson Alder who is (quite terrifically I must say) played by Neil Hopkins. I knew little about Hopkins apart from trying to watch the TV series Lost years ago until I became well... lost but trust me when I tell you that in Detour, he is more than watchable!! Hopkins manages to convey all the emotion of a man facing death while playing up to that almost cocky business like persona that dwells within Alder's personality. At one point I became unsure whether on not Alder was a complete genius or slowly going mad but came to the conclusion that it was probably a bit of both, I'm not sure I would of acted the same in such a high pressure situation but Hopkins made me believe.

As with many of these survival films the start is frantic with very little build up. The subject soon becomes the focus (and vice versa) but as I am a mystery loving girl I didn't need explanation. Alders was trapped underground and I wanted to know if he was going to get out! For me it was that simple, but as I touched on above it wasn't within the plot. What followed the start was about forty minutes of gripping stuff as Alders creates and existence around him within the confines of his tomb.

I loved this act of the film because as I said I wasn't quite sure if the character was an utter genius or slowly verging on a mental breakdown. Dickerson as writer and director offers us no real concept of time lapse which only adds to the confusion and it was brilliant. Unlike other survival films Alder's main focus wasn't about getting out, instead it was about making sure he could survive where he was.. great twist and it worked well.

The second act of the film and the next glimpse at human Psyche is one of connecting with the outside world. This is done through some flashback snippets but even more emotionally, through playbacks of home videos on Alder's mobile phone. Together, they both answer questions about the type of man Alder's is while adding other elements of mystery. Even the poignant parts don't seem very bleak though because by now hope was instilled in me through this mans sheer strength. Again, clever because act three was an absolute emotional roller coaster.

I am going to leave it there and urge you to go watch and while watching, bear in mind that this film was made on a minuscule budget and is testament to Dickerson's craft. It definitely is claustrophobic, that elusive third act more so and it is a tale of surviving BUT it is cleverer than that, it played at parts of my mind I didn't even know existed.

Spot on!
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Bare With Me!


I hinted the other day about my mental health issues and unfortunately I have hit a bit of a slump. I am okay and still working on blog posts etc but everything is just happening a little slower than normal. I wanted to write a quick post to say thank you for sticking with me and also to say that I will be back with frequency very soon.

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News From The Web - Tom Holland Confirmed as Spider-man

I wrote a post at the beginning of this month about the excitement of on who would be playing Spider-man in the next movie. My money was actually firmly on Asa Butterfield but it emerged this morning that Sony and Marvel have in fact chosen Tom Holland for the role.

As I said in the last post Holland has proven with The Impossible that he can take on both emotion and action. I am hoping he can inject some much needed oopfh into Peter Parker and do for spider-man what I feel Ruffalo did for the Hulk.

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Something A Little Different - My Mad fat Diary

Today I want to veer away from film just for one post and talk instead about a TV series. Since 2013 when it first began My Mad Fat Diary has touched me in a way that is so rare and pure that I simply had to share some of my thoughts on it. Last night saw the programme embark on it's third series so I thought the time was definitely right for it to make it's appearance here. I shall explain..

MMFD is a UK comedy drama series made for E4 based on a book of the same name by Rae Earl. It is set in a mid 90's Lincolnshire and centres around Rae Earl, a young girl recently released from psychiatric hospital. 

Before I go any further it is worth noting that this was the reason I first started watching. I myself have suffered from various strains of mental illness for most of my life so anything that tries to tackle the subject I look at with interest. Mental illness is very close to my heart, something I deal with every day and the very reason I started this blog (as distraction therapy) so of course I watch things associated with it. Unfortunately, I feel many films and TV shows miss the mark and was expecting the same from MMFD... boy was I wrong.

Never before have I come across anything so delicate to the subject matter whilst still allowing humour and I think that's the magic ingredient here. Rae is played by Sharon Rooney who is a cracking stand up comedian and along with the rest of the cast injects a lot of fun into something that really could become bleak.

I don't want to say too much about the plot because there is quite a lot to cover and I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it. However I will say that over two series I have both laughed and sobbed along through dramatic story lines that are acted brilliantly. I have, on more than one occasion, looks at my screen and thought to myself 'she could be me' and I have held Rae's hand throughout both taking strength and urging her on.

If you haven't heard of it or seen it please do seek it. Start at the beginning and allow your life to be infected by the characters of My Mad Fat Diary.. Honestly, It's marvellous.
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Wednesday Wonders - The Sorry I Missed Last Week Edition

Last week saw the acting world lose Christopher Lee who died aged 93. Known fondly for many a role including Dracula and Saruman in the Lord of the Rings the whole world seemed to mourn him through tributes and social media. This particular article is quite in depth and was enjoyable but bitter sweet to read. I also liked this one which is a tribute from the mouth of Tim Burton.. beautiful stuff.

I haven't seen many gangster flicks because I really don't like to see 'real life' brutality on screen. I have however seen The Long Good Friday which was released the year I was born as I went through a stage of actively seeking out films from that year. I read THIS today which not only talks about the film in classic status but poses the question of predicting the future through cinema.

I am OBSESSED with Ru Paul's Drag Race on Netflix at the moment that it is quickly taking over my night time routine. I am dying to see Drag Becomes Him which is the story of season five winner (and my personal favourite) Jinkx Monsoon. Until then I have been perusing this list of 5 great drag queen films to wet my appetite.

Another list I have loved this week (and boy do I love lists) is one that connected with the romantic in me. Coffee Cups & Camisoles chose the best 3 movie kisses and I think they're pretty good choices to be fair. My personal favourite is the swimming pool seen in Whip It! but whatever!

And finally, because I asked for comedy films to see recently, I have been watching a lot of Adam Sandler. (In fact I am working on a couple of blog posts now which I will link here when they're finished). Anyhoo, when I was looking for films to watch and generally getting the low down on Sandler I came across this TRAILER for upcomimg film Pixels and I must of been living under a rock because it looks GREAT!! I SQUEALED!!!!
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Cinema Review - 1971 (2014)

1971 (2014) Poster

I have to be straight before even start this and say that documentary films are not within my comfort zone. It isn't that I don't like them or anything because let's be honest I will watch anything that holds my attention for long enough. Instead I think, at least for me, one has to have a little bit of knowledge tucked away about the films subject in order to really understand. In the case of 1971, apart from a quick research google, I had none.

The film is the directional debut of Johanna Hamilton who I'm afraid again I knew nothing about. What I do know something about though is the pull of indie cinema with it's films that pop up and pop off again so fast that you simply have to see them. I found an article over at Indie Wire which gave me the gist about Hamilton and where she named Deer Hunter as a cinematic influence. I've seen that I thought, and I liked it. That was good enough for me!

1971 focuses on events in that year, on March 8th to be precise, when a group of seemingly ordinary people broke into an FBI office in Media, Pennsylvania. They then proceeded to steal all the files and then over time out them through various newsrooms. Although the subjects of the files differed one the most significant involved illegal practises of J. Edgar Hoover's agency.

Hamilton sets 1971 up to tell the story of that group of people and in fact uses interviews with five of them along with a lot of archival footage as the meat of the film. The story is put into context as the audience is asked to contemplate just what impact unfolded on public. You can't help but compare to today's opinion government corruption and this changes what could of been seen as a family documentary into a hard hitting scoop or secret. I must say too that there was more than once, as I heard the personalised accounts, that I literally gasped for air. I found it riveting, more so because it actually happened. I felt like I was watching a bloody great thriller movie that was well constructed and brilliantly shot.

The only let down for me was the reenactment scenes that I guess were put there as a visual aid. They didn't really add anything if I am honest and the acting wasn't great. Luckily they didn't distract too much from the retelling of a piece of history that by the end I cared about.

Great job!

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