30 Day Film Challenge - 3. Last Film I Saw

Since I have had a total slob of a day and watched three films back to back on good old Netflix I thought that now was as good a time as any to add a new instalment to the 30 day film challenge. I am going to cheat ever so slightly however and go with the second of the three films because the last one I dozed off halfway through.

Awake (2007)

I had never heard of Awake before but I read the brief synopsis, thought to myself that it sounded up my street and pressed the watch button. Did I shudder when I realised Jessica Alba (The Eye)  was in it? Of course I did but I had nothing much to lose and carried on a watching.

Alba stars alongside Hayden Christensen (Jumper) who plays Clay, a guy who suffers with the phenomenon anaesthetic awareness and is totally awake but paralysed during heart surgery. I know it sounds a pretty straight forward plot line but it isn't and actually carries some nice little twists along the way.

Alba plays the girlfriend who isn't what she seems and to be fair on her she was charming enough in the role. I fell for the love story from the offset and literally held my breathe as it unfolded throughout the film. I believed the chemistry between her and Christensen and was actually a bit gutted by the end.

The ending itself isn't particularly clever and the major twist is revealed early on but Awake doesn't feel unfinished in any way with all the loose ends tied up neatly. There are a few holes that the purest will pick up on but again not large enough to spoil it for me.

I found it gripping enough to stay awake ha ha and would even go back for more.

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