Coming Soon - Moonlight Cinema

Today I want to share something that I saw advertised recently. Something that filled me with absolute giddiness and something that I found terribly exciting.

For those of you that don't know already, I live in the UK and as such such our weather is absolutely terrible. As such us Brits love summer so much because we long all year round for a little bit of sun and for a short while between June and August we get it.

During these months lots of outdoor events pop up all over the place but recently on facebook I read eagerly about a company called Moonlight Cinemas who are bringing the outdoor cinema experience I so often see in American teen movies to a space near me!

These events are happening in the UK between June and August and have venues secured in a whopping 28 cities. Registration for first access to tickets is available now on their website and there is also a vote going on for which films should be screened.

I'm stoked and will be at the Newcastle date with my vote in for Grease so fingers crossed!

L x

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