Wednesday Wonders - The Sorry I Missed Last Week Edition

Last week saw the acting world lose Christopher Lee who died aged 93. Known fondly for many a role including Dracula and Saruman in the Lord of the Rings the whole world seemed to mourn him through tributes and social media. This particular article is quite in depth and was enjoyable but bitter sweet to read. I also liked this one which is a tribute from the mouth of Tim Burton.. beautiful stuff.

I haven't seen many gangster flicks because I really don't like to see 'real life' brutality on screen. I have however seen The Long Good Friday which was released the year I was born as I went through a stage of actively seeking out films from that year. I read THIS today which not only talks about the film in classic status but poses the question of predicting the future through cinema.

I am OBSESSED with Ru Paul's Drag Race on Netflix at the moment that it is quickly taking over my night time routine. I am dying to see Drag Becomes Him which is the story of season five winner (and my personal favourite) Jinkx Monsoon. Until then I have been perusing this list of 5 great drag queen films to wet my appetite.

Another list I have loved this week (and boy do I love lists) is one that connected with the romantic in me. Coffee Cups & Camisoles chose the best 3 movie kisses and I think they're pretty good choices to be fair. My personal favourite is the swimming pool seen in Whip It! but whatever!

And finally, because I asked for comedy films to see recently, I have been watching a lot of Adam Sandler. (In fact I am working on a couple of blog posts now which I will link here when they're finished). Anyhoo, when I was looking for films to watch and generally getting the low down on Sandler I came across this TRAILER for upcomimg film Pixels and I must of been living under a rock because it looks GREAT!! I SQUEALED!!!!

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