Looking Forward - Creep (2014)

July 14th sees a new found footage horror hitting Netflix and as I have a soft spot for both found footage and movies released for Netflix I couldn't not say something about it here.

Creep (2014) Poster

For me, there is quite a lot to be excited about so I am just going to dive right in and start with the genre. Found footage is something I buy into fairly easily and find the thrill aspect of the unknown much more heart racing than cheap scares. Described by one of the writers (more on that in a second) as kind of like an art house film I am expecting a slow build thrill ride rather than tons of special effects and horror cliches.

Creep is a full movie directorial debut by Patrick Brice and not only that but he stars in it too. He isn't the only one though, oh no, Mark Duplass who has co-written the movie with Brice is in it as well. There is nothing more exciting to me when people become so embroiled in their art that they stick their necks completely on the line so the fact that these two have banded together to write, direct and star is something I love! I wish them all the luck in the world.

The story itself seems simple. Brice's character Aaron answers an advert on craigslist about a job for Duplass's character Josef. Of course not everything is as it seems and that's where things kick off, and with horror veteran Jason Blum producing,  I'm sure things will get fearful too.

The thought of this trio coming together to make a movie is what really gains my excitement. Blum has the production of horror down to an art form with IMDB listing no more than 76 films. I haven't seen them all of course but what I have seen makes me realise that he can cover any genre within the horror field with ease and I have no doubt that Creep will be another sweet taste of panic.

If I am being honest it's Duplass that makes me await Creep with eagerness. His writing skills first shed their light on me when I saw Cyrus years ago and it is a movie I have never been able to shake from my mind ever since. Penned as a comedy what you really get with Cyrus is something beautifully dark, it teeters on thriller so many times that I can't wait to see what Duplass is able to do when he can really let the darkness take over. I am looking forward to a movie that sits well within it's genre but is different enough to make me question just as Cyrus (and actually Jeff, Who Lives At Home did).

If you want a sneak peak to see for yourself. The new trailer for Creep can be seen HERE.

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