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Ever since the news broke that Spider Man was returning to Marvel for a reboot in association with Sony Pictures various tit bits of information have been banded across the web (ha ha... web). I for one have been reading quite closely and live in hope that this means Spidey will somehow be joining the Avengers after his stand alone film currently scheduled for 2017.


Yesterday it emerged that Marvel could be making a decision on who will be our new Peter Parker as early as next week so I thought I would have a looksie at the rumoured hopefuls (in a blog post that I'm sure will be one of many on the lead up to the release).

Charlie Rowe PictureAsa Butterfield plays a kid being trained for war in "Ender's Game." Credit: Getty ImagesCCMA 2013 - Tom Holland

Top favourite still seems to be Asa Butterfield who is probably most well known for his roles as Ender Wiggin in Enders Game and Hugo Cabret in Hugo. Pretty strong in two main roles (a third being as Bruno in The Boy with the Striped Pyjamas) I think he has just what it takes to step into Andrew Garfield's booties as from what I have seen and read he is up for the challenge and able to step into any role. Spider man/Peter Parker is a MASSIVE part to play and personally I don't think it has been done so well so far. However I had all this with the Hulk and Ruffalo blew me out the water so I live in hopes and my hopes rest with Butterfield.
Another Brit hopeful reported to be sent for screen tests is the lovely Tom Holland. Holland is probably best known for his role alongside Naomi Watts in The Impossible. During his time on that film he certainly showed that he could jump into a role that demands both action and emotion and from what I can tell people on social media are backing him with gusto.

The third and final young Brit in the running is a bit of a dark horse. Charlie Rowe is being penned as a relative unknown but he has in fact played support in big films such as Never Let Me Go and The Boat That Rocked. That said these roles were pretty minor but maybe Rowe is fresh enough to follow the footsteps of the other fledgling actors who have played spidey before.

I will be waiting with bated breathe and posting more news (and my opinions on it) of the new film as and when I hear them!!

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