3 Of A Kind? - Who Let The Dogs Out?!

I recently bought a dog so I've been watching doggie films. Simple really...

Pudsey:The Movie (2014)
written by Paul Rose. directed by Nick Moore

Pudsey Movie poster.jpg

Who Is The Dog?: Pudsey is a cross breed dog with a little bit of Border Collie, Bichon Frise and Chinese Crested Powderpuff in him (wow!). He shot to fame in 2012 when he and his owner Ashleigh won the 6th series of Britain's Got Talent with a dance act.

Who Does It Star?: David Walliams (Little Britain) voices the dog. The film also has Jessica Hynes (Spaced) and John Sessions (The Iron Lady).

Plot Outline: Pudsey plays a stray dog who is happy being a loner but goes on an adventure when he meets a set of siblings who are moving due to a death in the family. Pudsey then goes up against the village villain to save the day.

Best Bits?: Pudsey is one very talented dog and when you realise that he is doing all the actions by himself it really is impressive. Also David Walliam's voice really suits the cutey canine.

Bad Bits?: Let's be honest here, this film was made off the back of a TV talent show and is aimed solely at the children who sat open mouthed the first time they saw Ashleigh and Pudsey perform. It lacks in almost everything of any substance therefore but does withhold a little charm.

Woofing Brilliant or Barking Up The Wrong Tree?: Kids will probably love it, I found it watchable on a Sunday afternoon with nothing much else to do.

Lady And The Tramp (1955)
written and directed by Walt Disney Ltd

Lady and the Tramp (1955) Poster

Who Is The Dog?: Although not live action dogs I had to include Disney's Lady and The Tramp in this 3 of  a kind. These doggies are animated beauties but you do get two for the price of one; a cocker spaniel called Lady and a mongrel street dog called Tramp.

Who Does It Star?: Voice work comes from Barbara Luddy (Sleeping Beauty), Verna Felton (Alice In Wonderland) and Peggy Lee (The Jazz Singer).

Plot Outline: Lady and the Tramp is a romantic adventure tale about the two dogs who come from different classes and different backgrounds.

Best Bits?: This film has, in my opinion, one of the best on screen kisses ever! Also look out for the Siamese kitties who are simply wicked.

Worst Bits?: None as such as Lady and the Tramp really is a joy to watch but there are some moments of sadness to overcome along the way.

Woofing Brilliant Or Barking Up The Wrong Tree?: I remember watching Lady and the Tramp when I was a young girl and now 30 odd years later my nieces and nephews love it too. It's timeless, seriously.

A Boy And His Dog (1975)
written and directed by L.Q Jones

A Boy and His Dog (1975) Poster

Who Is The Dog?: Blood is a post apocalyptic dog who doesn't really like humans and is telepathic. Strange huh?

Who Does It Star?: Tim McIntire (Sacred Ground) voices Blood. Other stars include Don Johnson (Born Yesterday), Jason Robards (Philadelphia) and Charles McGraw (The Birds).

Plot Outline: A Boy and his Dog is ultimately a post apocalyptic survival story about Vic (Johnson) and Blood. The story follows their need for each other as they both fight and band together to make it through a scary (and sometimes very, very strange) time.

Best Bits?: Gosh this film is strange but if you don't take it too seriously you will find a glorious piece of satirical 70'S cinema. Look out for hilarious conversations said with entirely straight faces.

Worst Bits?: A Boy and his Dog has some grimy scenes that put out of context may appear distasteful to some and I ended the film wanting more back story on the dog himself.

Woofing Brilliant Or Barking Up The Wrong Tree?: Bonkers, totally outrageously so but cleverer than the B Movie it often masquerades as.

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