Wednesday Wonders - #1 The Comic Book Edition

Today I am going to start a weekly feature so I can band together some of the interesting bits and bobs I have been finding all week. My laptop is FULL of bookmarks so I wanted the chance to share with you all things I have been digging. As today is Wednesday, we shall call it Wednesday Wonders.. good huh?!

First up is this great read over at WOW247 which discusses 6 movies that were about to be made but were not. I love looking back in awe at cinematic 'could of beens' and often wish that certain movies had been shot myself. X-Men origins: Magneto makes the list here and personally that's one film I would love to see, there again I would love stand alone movies for all the X-Men. I'm just greedy.

Over the last few days new stills for Marvel's new Ant-Man movie have been popping up. They've been banded all over the net but I found them over at the wrap. The stills bring with them exciting glimpses ahead of the July 17th release including our first look at David Dastmalchian  as Kurt.

More photographs here but these are alleged leaked ones of some more  the Suicide Squad set. Although I haven't got the foggiest idea of what may actually be happening in them they still show Harley (Margot Robbie) and Katana (Karen Fukuhara) on some mean streets brandishing weapons and showing determination. I for one, am loving my almost weekly sneak peaks at what is bound to be a big smash in 2016.

If you haven't seen Avengers:Age of Ultron yet then stop reading and go see it, also, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Anyway, on that note I love to read other peoples reviews to get a taste for how they viewed a movie and I never get tired of this. Charlie over at has written this pretty nifty one about Tony Stark and his band of not so merry men (and women). Tres good!!

Although not strictly movie related I was fascinated by this Guardian article about there being a place for feminism in a traditionally male dominated art from. I hung on every word of it and can't wait to see more female writers, directors and producers taking on comic books and their adaptations.. oh and more female superheroes too. The article does mention Ms Marvel which brings me nicely onto that Angelinia Jolie and Charliza Theron might be teaming up to bring Captain Marvel to the big screen. (That will be a female director and lead female superhero ticked off in my book).

And finally Stan Lee has filmed his Civil War cameo... Hooray!

So, it's over to you now.
Have you seen any snippets on the web about comic book adaptations that have made you squeal (or roll your eyes)? Let me know below.

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