3 Of A kind? - Adam Sandler

A couple of weeks ago I asked for comedy suggestions and I was told to check out Adam Sandler. Obviously I did I was told and throughout the week I've been fitting in his films when I can. As they are so many I thought I would save one in particular for a full review (to come soon) and bang some of the others in today's 3 of a kind..

I'm still looking for comedy films to watch by the way so if you can beat Adam Sandler GET IN TOUCH

Little Nicky (2000)
written by Adam Sandler. directed by Steve Brill

Little Nicky (2000) Poster

Who Does Sandler Play?: As the title suggests he plays Little Nicky who happens to be the devil's youngest son.

Who Else Does It Star?: Among others Harvey Keitel (Reservoir Dogs) plays the devil himself while Rhys Ifans (Mr. Nice) and Tommy 'Tiny' Lister play his other two sons.

What Is It About?: The two older sons escape from Hell and decided to create some mischief down on Earth. With no other choice, the devil sends mild mannered Nicky to bring them back.

Good Bits?: Oh my, is so sweet! Sandler's character is quirky and adorable and although the film doesn't break any boundaries you will be rooting for Little Nicky in more ways that one.

Bad Bits?: There's some juvenile jokery in there that verge on a little vulgar but that could just be me and my humour.

Overall, Is It Funny?: Aside from what I have mentioned, yes it was. There was some giggly moments but it wasn't packed with them. What really shone through was a good little story and because of that I loved this film.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan (2008)
written by Adam Sandler. directed by Dennis Dugan

You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008) Poster

Who Does Sandler Play?: Zohan, an Israeli special forces soldier.
Who Else Does It Star?:  John Turturro (Transformers), Emmanuelle Chriqui (Wrong Turn) and Nick Swardson (Just Go With It).

What Is It About?: Zohan who is an Israeli special forces soldier fakes his own death to escape to New York and pursue his dream of becoming a hairdresser.

Good Bits?: Look out for the taxi driver and a disagreement over the loss of a goat. It really is hilarious.

Bad Bits?: Again, there's some verging on vulgar moments but I am beginning to realise that perhaps I just don't have THAT sense of humour.

Overall, Is It Funny?: Oh my gosh YES! I laughed nearly all the way through this one :)

Hotel Transylvania (2012)
various writers. directed by Genndy Tartakovsky

Hotel Transylvania (2012) Poster

Who Does Sandler Play?: He voices (because this is an animation) Dracula!

Who Else Does It Star?: The voice of Dracula's daughter Mavis is provided by Selena Gomez (A Cinderella Story) and the human of the film is voiced by Andy Samberg (Hot Rod).

What Is It About?: Dracula is the manager of a hotel that is a haven away from the human world, that is until a human finds the place!

Good Bits?: Seriously, EVERYTHING! From beginning to end this film is so endearing that I forgot I was essentially watching a cartoon. The characters are rounded and the story is great!

Bad Bits?: Does it's not long enough count?

Overall, Is It Funny?: It is but it is also more than that and that's why I included it here. Also, a second film is in the making so hurrah for that!!  

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