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Last night the UK premiere of The Amazing Spider-Man took place at the Odeon, Leicester Square in London. I know it's everywhere today but I couldn't let it go without a mention on here. I wasn't lucky enough to be there of course, so instead I spent the evening awaiting tweet updates from @SonyPicturesUK and watching various live streams.

All eyes were on the undoubted stars of the film Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone who play Peter Parker and his love interest Gwen Stacey. Despite their rumoured off screen romance the pair arrived separately, him beautifully suited up and her in a glittery, low cut cat suit.

 Garfield is feeling pressure but excitement over his new role. He said 'I grew up with Spider-Man. He was an important symbol in my life growing up... plus I was blown away by Tobey Maguire's interpretation.   feel immense pressure, like how Peter Parker feels I think'. 

The film doesn't just follow on from where Maguire left off five years ago though. Instead it's a complete reboot of the classic comic book tale in which a a teenager gains super powers after being bitten by a radio active spider. Marc Webb (I know right..) directs while Avi Arad produces and both have had nothing but praise for the young star. 

Stone's character Gwen Stacey falls for Peter Parker rather than his spidery alto ego in the film and with a real life romance in their midst, reporters were all over it. The pair have kept tight lipped about it all but when asked about Stone, Garfield called her 'special'. 

Also there was welsh actor Rhys Ifans who attended with his girlfriend, Anna Friel. Ifans plays Curt Connor who turns into a mutant Lizard.. it's all very exciting.

The Amazing Spider-Man is due to hit cinema screens July 3rd. I will be first in the queue.

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