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If you haven't seen at least one episode of the medical drama House, where on earth have you been? Originally running on Fox network for 8 seasons, it came to an end in May. It's undoubted star Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House himself has proved that he he can play mean spirited, sarcastic and selfish but underneath it all his character is ultimately a really nice guy.

My point is, can Laurie now make the transition to play full on evil because Variety reports that he has just signed up to play super villain Omni Corp CEO in Jose Padilha's remake of MGM's RoboCop. Yes, that's right, Laurie is joining the already intriguing cast including Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction, The Avengers) and Abbie Cornish (Limitless, Sucker Punch) in arguably the most ancipipated sci-fi remake of 2013i.

I have no doubt he can do it be fair. Away from his award winning work on House Hugh Laurie has graced
TV screens for years. He has also had roles in Cinema as well as doing lots of  voice work for animated films like Hop and Monsters Vs Aliens. RoboCop will surely be then his most momentous role to date but Laurie oozes charisma and certainly has the acting range to fit the mould with perfection.

Padilha's version of the film sticks to the premise of the original. Centering around Detroit police officer Alex Murphy, played by Joel Kinnaman (Safe House, Lola Versus) who is  murdered on duty then remade into the unstoppable cyborg known as RoboCop. Gary Oldman (Leon, The Dark Knight) plays RoboCop's scientist creator (a character unique to the new version) which will no doubt lead to some great interactions between the two on screen. Production comes from Strike Entertainment partners Eric Newman and Marc Abraham and with Padiha directing form a script originally written by Josh Zetumer, with recent drafts by Nick Scheck and James Vanderbilt, it's all very arousing.

RoboCop is due to hit the cineam in August 2013.

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